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We started Treat Play Love because we understand that special bond you share with your pup; because we share that same bond with our pups too. You want your dog to have the best in life, and so do we. Because we’re proud dog moms (and proud dog dads, too!) just like you.

As the owners of The Canine Social Company in Toronto, we’ve been genuinely taking care of your special companions since 2013. We’re all about family, we’re all about community and we’re all about treating your dog as well as we treat our own. There are lots of other dog toy subscription boxes out there, but only Treat Play Love packs boxes with love, rather than just stuff.

Our products are mostly Canadian, many of which are eco-friendly. Our delicious, nutritious and healthy treats are sourced from an Ontario all-natural pet bakery. And every box includes a little gift just for you—think of it as a present to you from your dog—because you deserve a little love too.

There isn’t anything in our boxes that we and our own pups haven’t first approved! Because there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our dogs. And for yours.

Meet Carolyn

The Canine Social Company

Why meet owner Carolyn Hatfield?

Because her and her Canine Social Company team are what makes Treat Play Love unique. We pack boxes with love, not just stuff … and that love comes from Carolyn’s passion for making your dog happy.

Having been working with dogs since 2013, and dreaming of working with dogs every day for years before that, Carolyn ’s Canine Social Company shares a way of life that welcomes all dogs and offers them exactly what they need. Treat Play Love brings that same love right to your home.

Every toy, treat and gift in our subscription boxes are personally chosen by Carolyn and her Canine Social Company team. “We’ve spent a lot of time curating and the products we have are products I use on my own dogs and are products I even have for my own dogs. I only include products that I 100% believe in.”

“This is my passion. I believe in treating dogs holistically. I want your dog to be happy and I want to know that your dog is having fun.”

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